100% Commission Modoc County California

Modoc is a county located in the extreme northeast of the State of California, United States. It is bordered to the north by Oregon and to the east by Nevada. At the 2010 census, it had 9,686. Its seat is Alturas, the only incorporated city of the county.

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In 1850, the territory of the county was attached to the Territory of

Utah and then incorporated in the Territory of Nevada when it was

constituted in 1861. When the latter was erected in 1864, what was to become Modoc County was transferred to California where it first became part of Shasta County and then part of Siskiyou County. The county was finally created February 17, 1874.

The 5 May 1874, voters chose Lake City as the seat of the county. But their vote was not respected and Alturas, which had a population and a more central position, inherited the function.

It owes its name to the Indians of the Modoc tribe who lived, straddling Oregon and California, in the area of ​​Lake Kalmath, Lost River and near Tule Lake. A set of tensions between the Modocs and the white settlers led the Amerindians to leave their traditional places of residence and settle in 1864 farther north in the Upper Klamath Valley (Oregon). This installation was of short duration and under the pressure of their traditional enemies, the Klamaths, they descended, in 1870, towards Lost River. The clashes that ensued with the white settlers triggered the skirmish. During the Second World War, an internment camp for American-Japanese was established in the county south of Newell. 


According to the Census Bureau United States, the county has an area of 10,887 km2. It is the least densely populated county in California.

The Lava Beds National Monument, a natural reserve extending into the neighboring county of Siskiyou, occupies part of the county territory to the northwest. Below, the border is marked by the highlands extending to Medicine Lake, the largest volcano shield in the United States.

The northern half of the county is occupied by the plateau of Modoc, a geographic formation of volcanic origin on which the Modoc National Forest, a protected forest area of 6.695 km2.

South of the plateau is Big Valley and Warm Springs Valley, which is part of the Pit River drainage system.

The eastern part of the county is dominated by the Warner Mountains, a mountain range extending for about 100 kilometers parallel to the eastern border and the highest peak of which is the Eagle Peak (3,016 m). Between this mountain range and the county border takes place Surprise Valley, the western edge of the Grand Bassin.

To the south of Alturas is the Modoc National Wildlife Refuge, a wildlife preservation site founded in 1961, which during the summer and autumn migrations is home to a diverse population of migratory waterbirds. 


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