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What does full commission mean in real estate?

100% commission in real estate might sound weird to some real estate agents who have been paying a significant part of their commission to brokerage firms.

Shifting from a typical brokerage firm to a one hundred percent commission firm doesn’t alter much of your daily routine. So what exactly changes? Let’s get to the basics to understand this.

What does full commission mean?

Full commission in real estate means that the agent gets to keep the entire commission to themselves. Earlier, a part of their commission, actually a significant chunk of it, was paid to the brokerage.

However, in recent times, the real estate landscape has gradually changed. You can now keep your hard-earned commission entirely to yourself. Instead, you have to pay a minimal flat fee to the brokerage firm after every transaction.

The Shift to Full Commission

While you work for a broker company, you will be offered a workspace, cards, and website. However, you will have to pay them a commission of somewhere between 15-50% for every closing you do.

The question here is - how profitable is this for you? Especially during the time of the booming internet, is it worth your effort? No. That is why you should shift to full commission brokerage firms.

Most people work from home in this online era. In addition, real estate is growing because of virtual communication, so physical spaces and business cards are slowly vanishing.

Such changes have led to the formation of new firms like the CURB. They use the internet and offer a flat 100% commission with a minimal charge on every transaction.

So do real estate agents get full commission?

Yes. Real estate agents get their entire commission. Whatever commission you get for closing the deal, you can keep it to yourself. Other than this significant advantage, there are multiple benefits in working with full commission companies.

Benefits of joining full commission brokerage firms

Of course! Full Commission

You put in your full effort and skill to close a deal only to reap fewer benefits out of it. Enough is enough. Shifting to a 100% commission brokerage firm means you get the entire commission. Full efforts mean full commission.

You are your Boss

The new system offers you the flexibility you need. You are your own boss here, unlike the earlier restrictive space. With no strict policies in place, you can work anywhere, anytime, and make huge profits from it.

Here is another Secret

You will directly receive the entire commission check. Yes, previously, the escrow company will give the check to the brokerage, who will take their part of the commission and then share the rest of your commission. However, when you join the full commission brokerage firms, you receive the check directly delivered to your pockets.

Additional Advantages

Joining the CURB gives you multiple advantages, a few of which are listed below.

● Support Staff

● Transparent Transaction

● Low fixed fee

● Direct pay from Escrow

● Free Website

● Free E&O

● Business cards and signs

Wrapping Up

Are you a real estate agent in California? If you are searching for a trusted full commission brokerage firm, CURB is your best choice.

A full commission policy and several other advantages like training and support staff is a perfect option to enjoy your potential as a real estate agent. Check out our website to know other terms like Flat Fee Brokerage Company and many more.

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