How does a virtual online internet real estate brokerage like CURB work ?

CURB isn't any different from the brokerage you are with now. We are

a full service 100% Commission online flat fee brokerage, providing; Training, For Sale Signs, Transaction Coordinators, In-house Loan Broker, In-house Escrow Service, and a Broker you can call anytime to answer your questions. Exactly all the same sevices you would get from big box real estate company. The only thing missing is a parking lot.

CURB has agents throughout California, like you, prior to joining CURB were with a traditional brick & mortar brokerage and working at home (as most agents do now anyways). After joining CURB, those agents are still at home, but now they're keeping all their commission !  

Even though we're online doesn't mean you can't talk to us. We don't hide behind email - call us anytime, 888-279-4230  ..If we're not on the phone helping other agents keep all their commission, heck, we'll even answer it.

Virtual Online Real Estate Brokerage California

Who is CURB Realty ?

CURB is not a large faceless corporation in a big building with no windows and a shiny website.  We are a friendly, family owned company located in California, that includes myself and my wife Daniela.  


CURB Realty is a faith based company. In fact, buying & selling real estate can be found in the Bible in Genesis 33:19; "He bought the piece of land where he had pitched his tent .."  What better to build the foundation of a company on ?


We are excited to have you join our flat fee real estate brokerage company and look forward to working with you in helping make your financial dreams come true for you and your family !

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