100% Commission Lake County California

Lake County is a county of the State of California United States, located north of the urban area of San Francisco. It takes its name from Clear Lake, its main geographic feature. Its chief town is Lakeport


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Lake County is formed in 1861 from portions of the

counties of Napa and Mendocino. Lakeport was elected

chief town, and again in 1864. In 1867, a fire destroyed the

city's court of justice. A vote transferred the chief town to

the town of Lower Lake, until 1870, when Lakeport

became the final seat.

The discovery of precious metals and hot springs attracts

new settlers during the 19th century. At the end of it and

the beginning of 20th century, the county is a popular

destination in spite of difficult access, and large hotels and

mansions are built to accommodate tourists, most having

now disappeared following Forest fires.

The introduction of Prohibition is a tough blow to the

county's wine economy, and many vineyards are being

torn to make way for poachers and walnuts, many of which

survive (Kelseyville celebrates a Pear Festival each year).

During the 20th century, the tourist attraction of Lake

County is overshadowed by the counties of Napa and Sonoma, closer to San Francisco and easier to access.


According to the US Census Bureau, Lake County had a total area of ​​3,440 km², of which land is 3,250 km² and 190 km² is water.

Lake County is bounded on the south by Napa County , on the southwest by Sonoma County , on the west and northwest by Mendocino County , on the northeast by Glenn County , East by the county of Colusa and to the southeast by the county of Yolo . Only the cities of Lakeport and Clearlake are incorporated as municipalities.

The geography of the county is dominated by Clear Lake, a 404-meter-high lake, fed by several rivers and has an area of ​​177 km², making it the largest lake in California (Lake Tahoe has A much larger area, but it is shared with Nevada). Clear Lake is considered to be one of the oldest lakes in North America, feeding the Cache Creek stream, flowing south to Yolo County, which holds water rights to the lake. The county also has many other lakes, the most important of which are the Blue Lakes, Lake Pillsbury and Indian Valley Reservoir - the latter artificial, and is watered by numerous rivers.

The county of Lake is enclosed between different mountain ranges: to the west by the Mayacamas mountain range, which serves as a natural border with the county of Mendocino, to the south by Mount Saint Helena and other mountains, East by Bear Mountain, and to the north by Hull Mountain, San Hedron and the nearby peaks. The geology is marked by numerous faults and volcanoes, especially south of Clear Lake, with the flaws of Mount Konocti and Collayomi very active.

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