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What are the Advantages of joining the 100% Commission Flat Fee Brokerage?

As a 100% commission online real estate broker in Tennessee, i want to tell the fearful agents who don't know about the Advantages of 100% commission Brokerage.

Advantage # 1 No Bondage, Work Independently

As it's the Era of internet, it also influences Real estate. It sways the methods of traditional buying and selling properties. it's also beneficial for Agents. Old real estate brokers trap the agents by giving free stuff like "Free" telephone numbers, websites and emails "Owned by the Brokerage company". The Agent considers him as an independent worker but the reality is worse. all the free stuff was systematically designed to advertise the Brokerage company. And when Agent wants to leave the Company he has to give all free stuff back to the Broker. All of his clients, business Cards, for sale signs and advertising over years have his Broker information. Not to start from "0," the Agent was forced to work with the same Brokerage Company. With 100% Commission Online Real Estate the Agent works for his benefits.

Advantage # 2 100% Commission. No need to fill Brokers Pocket.

If an agent works for the Brokerage Company he has to feed a big chunk of his Commission to the Broker just for using a little space of his dusty office corner. Working with 100% commission Brokerage, there is truly no need to fill brokers’ pockets. All the Commission is for the Agent. He just has to pay a Flat Fee per Transaction which is not more than a Drop in the Bucket.

Advantage # 3 No Hustle, Be your Boss

With the 100% commission real estate the agent doesn’t need to follow the instructions of their boss. Here Agent himself is the boss and the Broker is supposed to work for Agent. No driving to work, no fixed working hours, no need to sit in the office, no working policies and no mandatory meetings. Be your boss, work whenever wherever you like. Transactions can be done from anywhere in the world just by one tap on your phone.

I end my article by saying that working with 100% commission Real Estate just pay a Flat Fee and get 100% commission.

Welcome to the era of 100% Commission Online Real Estate.


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