CURB offers two levels of TC service; Basic & VIP
BASIC - Standard Transaction Service $395
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Basic is the standard transaction coordinator assisted service. The agent works together with the TC making sure everything is signed properly and all parties have the correct paperwork.

• Communicate with buyer / seller

• Manage contract deadlines and notify parties regarding contingency removals  

• Execute all contract addenda after binding contract is received

• Collect signatures for contract documents and addenda

• Audit, organize, and ensure files are state compliant                        

• Complete agent commission breakdown sheets for Escrow / Title company

• Ensure agent's client is well informed of transaction every step of the way 

• Provide an electronic copy of completed file.

VIP - Contract to Close Service $995
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The exclusive VIP Contract to Close transaction service is designed for the agent that desires a premium full service TC. With the VIP Contract to Close service, the agent essentially submits the contract to the TC and picks up their commission check in their mailbox at close of escrow.  

• Execute all contract addenda after binding contract is received

• Open escrow with title company

• Collect signatures for contract documents and addenda

• Audit, organize, and ensure files are state compliant                        

• Complete agent commission breakdown sheets for Escrow / Title company

• Ensure buyer / seller is well informed of transaction every step of the way

• Helping with client education and answering questions

• Order Natural Hazard Reports

• Coordinate and schedule Photographers 

• Coordinate and schedule Stagers

• Schedule all inspections

• Communicate with buyer / seller

• Communicate with Lender

• Communicate with Title company

• Deliver disclosures to all parties

• Upload complete disclosure files to MLS

• Create listings in MLS

• Confirm Title and Lender commitment

• Schedule and coordinate Open Houses

• Coordinate and schedule appraisals

• Set up showing instructions on agent's preferred showing service 

• Provide professional vendor recommendations to agents and buyer / seller clients     

• Order home warranties and send to title companies 

• Auditing, organizing  files for state compliance and specific brokerages    

• Coordinate and schedule final walk throughs and closings

• Review and audit Settlement Statements prior to closing

• Provide utility and moving resources to buyer clients

• Coordinate agents commission check delivery with escrow

To contact our amazing Transaction Coordinator:  |  888-279-4230

Benefits of using a Transaction Coordinator

Approximately 90% of realtors use a TC. The benefits of using a professional Certified Transaction Coordinator are numerous:


1) TIME - Real estate agents work long hours. The last thing you want to do is spend what little free time you have chasing signatures and filing papers.


2) PROFESSIONALISM - Having your own professional Transaction Coordinator gives you a more professional appearance to your clients.  


3) MONEY - Having a TC process the transaction saves you precious time that frees you up to make more money acquiring new clients.

Unless you love doing paperwork, you probably have better things to do than worrying about all the paperwork needed to complete the real estate transaction… Like selling more real estate !  Hiring someone to do the transaction coordination process releases the agent of administrative responsibilities, allowing agents to create relationships and drive new business.

TCs supervise every stage of a home sale, from a signed contract to closing. Even a seasoned agent may not be familiar with all the deadlines, timelines and clauses that need to be followed during a sale. TCs are – it’s what they do! Letting your TC worry about keeping things moving along will make the whole selling process a lot less stressful for you. 

Consumers expect to be kept in the loop and to receive immediate answers regarding their affairs. Realtors are busy people and, when available, don’t always have the answer on hand. Consumers will find that in working with a Transaction Coordinator who is more readily available, allows them quicker and more comprehensive answers to their questions. These benefits add up to improved customer satisfaction, referrals and repeat business !