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Keep Your Commission - How can Zero Split Real Estate Help Agents?

On an average, real estate agents tend to earn around $46,616 every year. Still, their annual earnings can skyrocket depending on the overall commissions. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a seasoned realtor, you should understand the importance of commissions for building your wealth and growing your business.

Usually, standard real estate agent commissions are divided between realtors. It is important to note that the brokerage receives a specific percentage of the commissions as well. Would not it be great if you are able to keep 100 percent of the overall commissions?

You should know that zero split or commission-free real estate transactions are not a dream anymore. You can keep all the commissions when you partner with the right real estate firm.

Some benefits of joining 100 percent commission service providers or companies to maximize your earnings:

· Opportunity to Earn More Money: Real estate industry commissions make up most of the earnings of realtors. It does not matter if you are new or experienced to the business. You are expected to divide the commissions with other real estate agents in the given transaction. Moreover, your brokerage will also be keeping a specific percentage of the transaction.

When you choose the 100 percent commission broker, you will no longer be leaving money on the table. You will get access to the full commissions as paid by the sellers for the sale of their homes. Even when you might have negotiated a reduced percentage rate with the broker, the fees continue adding up and putting a dent on your overall earnings.

· Paying the Brokerage Some Fixed Fee: As you partner with a broker, you will agree to pay them a specific percentage of the realtor commissions. When you select the 100 percent commission or zero split brokerage model, there is no requirement of paying the broker any percentage. Rather, you will only be paying the brokerage firm some yearly or monthly rate.

Every brokerage firm will have its own program. It is advised that you should ask them about the specific fees charged and how the 100 percent real estate commission model works. Any fees or charges to look out for are risk reduction fees, monthly fees, administrative fees, and so more.

· Receiving On-demand Support: It is not an easy task to run a real estate business. When you opt for 100 percent commission real estate providers, you might think that you will be giving away the support that you expect from the broker. However, most zero commission models are available with on-demand office support to allow your business to grow rapidly.

Basic amenities including office spaces are crucial for all real estate agents. It is advised that you should ask about the type of support you will receive as the zero split commission partner.


When you partner with 100 percent commission brokers, it will offer a myriad of benefits as a real estate agent. It is important to look into crucial features and amenities.

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