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Top Ways 100% Commission Real Estate Agents can Survive the Economic Downturn

Due to the global economic downturn, most things are quite slower or on hold right now. This includes the real estate market. However, there are some individuals who are still moving on due to the coronavirus for a number of reasons. Even if people are not advancing unless necessary until now, there are several ways to prepare for when the economy will be getting back.

If you are a 100 percent commission real estate agent, then you should also be aware of ways to survive the ongoing economic downturn. Here are some useful ways:

· Make Your Services Available: Since the advent of the pandemic, most individuals might not be still aware that you have opened again for business. It is your duty to ensure that people are aware of your running business. To ensure the same, you can make use of a myriad of marketing tools available out there.

For instance, you can start with the help of a simple post on social media. You can also consider sending out an email to the dedicated email list through your virtual presence. If you really wish to ensure some changes as a one hundred percent commission real estate agent, you can think of sending out to a local mailer as well. Emphasize the fact that you will continue helping individuals with their real estate queries.

· Let People Know How You can Help: Due to the pandemic and its economic effects, the entire global economy has started getting affected drastically. This implies that the real estate market is getting affected at the same time. While it might not be great for most people, it is still a major benefit for many out there.

For instance, some homeowners will be forced to sell their homes on a short sale. Short sales, however, turn out to be beneficial for potential buyers. At the same time, banks are also willing to do business like every other industry. Essentially, it becomes a buyer’s market for people who might be in favor of the situation.

· Take Time to Educate Yourself: Amidst the pandemic, you might have more time to yourself. You can utilize this time to educate yourself more about the hundred percent commission real estate industry -like the flat fee, the virtual platform, and so more. Learn about the surrounding properties in the neighborhood. Learn about the ongoing trends in the real estate market -both nationally and locally. You should also spruce up your knowledge about local real estate laws that will help you to answer relevant questions of the clients.

· Reach Out to Former Clients: It is a great time to reach out to old clients to expand your real estate business. Send out emails or mailers to previous clients by expressing your love and affection during such difficult times. There are chances that they are considering a real estate deal and you could help them out.

While ongoing times are difficult, it is important to make the most of available opportunities to ace your real estate career with help from a reliable brokerage company.


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