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Why are Real Estate Agents Embracing the 100% Commission Model?

Traditionally, a sales individual was expected to be a part of some brokerage firm for its reputation. Eventually, the sales person would rely completely on the firm structure to generate leads and obtain sales. However, the last decade has observed a major upheaval in terms of the buyers’ habits. The rise of social media has drastically changed the way in which modern real estate agents tend to connect with the clients.

The power of social media has altered the overall command from real estate brokerages to real estate individuals. Moreover, their overall ability to drive sales is powered by the respective digital footprint. While opting for 100% commission real estate brokerage might sound too ambitious, still it is regarded as the way to move forward. As a real estate agent, if you opt for 100 percent commission real estate brokerage, you can expect the following:

· You will be working only for yourself -saying goodbye to brokerage

· There is no need to obtain access to resources or training materials offered by the broker

· You will only have to ensure payments for posting ads, buying signs, and showing homes

In the given business model, brokers are expected to charge very little. It is because there are minimal moving pieces and the entire range of overheads are under control. With rapid advancements in real estate technology, you can come across solutions for real estate brokers to help you with the management of transactions all by yourself.

Benefits of the 100% Commission Model for Real Estate Agents

The most visible benefit that you obtain as a real estate agent is you get to keep all profits that you earn for yourself. There is no more requirement of splitting it up with a real estate broker. Moreover, you get an opportunity to become your own boss. Therefore, you can easily plan out your working hours while being free from the limitations of any ongoing contract.

There is no denying the importance of flexibility in any business. With 100% commission real estate services, you can plan out the entire house inspections, showings, appointments, and schedules depending on the importance of every meeting.

Some of the additional benefits to consider are:

· Chance to set up your own brand

· Sales training is required only when you need it -not when the broker will arrange it

· There is complete transparency between you and the clients

An important tool leveraged by leading brokerages to draw the attention of real estate agents is to offer them relevant leads. However, there can never be any guarantee of obtaining serious leads. With 100% commission real estate transactions, a stage is reached wherein sales individuals are capable of pushing their own brands in the real estate market.


100 percent commission real estate brokerage is ideal for real estate agents who wish to embrace independence and flexibility of working on their own terms. There is no pressure from real estate brokers as real estate agents are masters themselves.

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